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Esther is a widow, who has been weaving baskets for Mifuko for a year and a half. She belongs to the Mwanzo Mpya Group, which is number 16 of the Mifuko groups. She weaves the baskets at around noon or later at night, after finishing her homestead chores. With the money earned from her crafts, she buys her daily essentials such as food, clothing and other homestead needs. With her exrta income from Mifuko, she pays for the  requirements for her childs education, who is in university. Esther plans to open up a kiosk in the future, as her part time business. She enjoys working with her fellow group members and thanks Mifuko, since she is now able to cater to her needs after the passing of her husband. She worried about managing her homestead needs, but with the new circumstances provided by Mifuko, she is now content and happy. She says her health has improved, and she looks forward to working with Mifuko in the future, through weaving more baskets.