Mifuko artisan - Dorcas

Dorcas is a widow and a mother of five children in the small village. During her freetime, in order to relax after a long day,  she likes reading the Bible and singing. She is a very talented tailor and handcrafts small seat covers for her own household and friends. Her favorite color is sky blue; seeing it brings her joy, because it is so bright. Her role model is a teacher from her village named Mr. Gangi. As her favourite meal, she states ugali and stew. Dorcas says her best quality is being a mediator for people with quarrels or chaos in the village. She is known and admired for her patience and forgiveness, and knows how to live in peace with her neighbors. She loves weaving, and says she uses weaving to ease her stress.

• Born in 1968

• Family: Five children