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Because Mifuko is all about empowering women and we wouldn’t exist without our skilled artisans in Kenya, we decided to tell you their stories here in our blog. Eventually you will be able to find the story of the maker of your basket here, since each of our basket contains the signature of its maker in its tag!

We will start the stories with introducing one of our longest term artisan, Jane Mutala:  

Jane Mutala is a true business woman: she learnt to weave baskets at the age of 18 through her mother, and has been into many types of businesses since then. However, she thinks that making baskets is the most convenient and profitable way to make a living, since while weaving them she can stay at home in the rural area and take care of her large shamba (a plot of land for farming).

Spending more time at home is important also because she has a small farm to take care of, with cattle, goats and chicken. Jane starts her day at the homestead with milking the cows and feeding the animals. After that she goes to the local market to sell eggs and vegetables. She is dreaming of expanding the farm business gradually.

Although she likes her work, she says that the best part of the day are evenings since she gets to spend time with her family. She has five children, who are either driving motorbike taxis for a living, making beaded jewels, tailoring or still studying at school.

Stay tuned to read more stories about Mifuko women!

Update: We have now created a page on our website where you can read the stories of our artisans!