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In kidsroom a colorful Kiondo offers a cosy home for polar bears, teddy bears and their friends. Kiondos in different sizes keep comic books, pencils and other little treasures neat and tidy.


Clothes Storage

Scarves, shoes, mittens and beanies are beautifully stored in Kiondo baskets.



Kiondos are great for keeping your firewood neat and tidy. Sturdy leather handles make carrying the basket easy and comfortable.  


Little Kitchen Kiondos

Let a colorful parade of little Kiondos bring African sun to your kitchen. 


Herbs on the Window Sill

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme - and mint and basil - are happy on the window sill inside little Kiondos. Remember to insert a plate!


Towels and Toiletries

Very versatile and easy to care, our Kiondos are great for bathroom use.