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Mifuko artisans


Josephine Mumbi Kile weaves Mifuko baskets in group number 6. Their group is called the Uuo Wa Aka women’s group. She has been weaving baskets for more than four years now and loves working for Mifuko. Josephine weaves her baskets in the morning for an hour, then does her homestead chores and weaves again in the evening. She happily works for Mifuko since her earnings provide help paying  for her childrens school fees. Her earnings also enable her to buy household items such as food and clothing.


Florence is a thirty-eight-year-old mother of two little children. When Florence is not weaving baskets she tends to her vegetable farm. Other than being good at weaving-she is also a talented tailor, and loves making dresses and other clothing for her clients. Her favorite colors are sky blue and white, while her favorite meal is rice and beef stew. She looks up to a friend of hers named Josephine Mwanzia who has an exceptionally healthy and well nourished vegetable farm. From her income Florence is able to cater to her family’s needs as well as her own.


Eunice is forty-eight-years-old. She has five children and is excited to work for Mifuko. Other than weaving Eunice has a small grocery kiosk where she sells fruits and vegetables. Tending to her buisness is her main hobby, and with her additional earnings from Mifuko she dreams of opening a large grocery shop. She looks up to a lady by the name of Agnes Mutuku who is a local business lady. Eunice's favorite color is yellow and purple as you can tell from her dress. Her favorite meal is Githeri, a local Kamba cuisine.


Veronica is forty-three-years-old and she has eight children. During her free time she tends to her farm and other chores around the house. She considers farming her hobby, and mainly grows vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and kale. Her favorite color is chocolate brown while her favorite meal is ugali and cabbage. Veronica is a talented singer and is eager to join a singing group in her village. Locals in her village say she is very hardworking-especially with weaving baskets. She looks up to the chairlady of her group named Felister Muoto.


Rose is a sixty-five-year-old lady who is always excited to weave. She has had seven children, but unfortunately one passed away. During her free time she loves cleaning up her homestead, tending to her farm and reading the Bible. She is a talented singer and sings in her local choir as her main hobby. Rose loves the colors pink and white, and adores her favourite food Ugali, Cabbage fried with tomatoes. Her friends and family say her most valuable quality is giving. She uses her income from Mifuko to give offerings to her local church, and to buy supplies for weaving.


Faith is a thirty-two-year-old lady, who weaves baskets for Mifuko.  She has six children, and her primary income is from her farm where she grows maize and beans. She is talented in singing, and she plans to join her local church choir. Faith’s favorite colors are white and blue, while her favorite meal is chapatti and beef stew. Her role model is a local lady from her village who is known to be a talented farmer.


Jacinta is 40 years old and she has four children. During her free time she loves reading the Bible. She is a talented singer and loves singing in her local church choir. Her favorite colors are black and white. Jacinta’s role model in life is a Tanzanian music artiste named Rose Muhando, who has produced a lot of gospel songs in East Africa. She loves a local Kenyan meal known as Muthokoi, which is made of maize and beans. Her special skill is preaching, and she is known in her community as a woman who loves preaching from the bible.


Rose has been weaving Mifuko baskets for six years now and really enjoys what she does. She is in the Kyeni Kya Kyazio group. She weaves her baskets at night and tends to her farm and other chores during the day. Rose is now able to pay the school fees for her three children and still cater to her homestead while her husband is currently unemployed. She was able to buy a solar panel with the money she has earned and thus able to work even at night.


Dorothy has been weaving Mifuko baskets for the last three years. She is happy with the progress in her life since she started working for Mifuko. She is in a group called The Mumo Kithuluni self-help group, which is number 14 in the Mifuko groups. She weaves most of her baskets in the daytime, and she enjoys her work. From her earnings, Dorothy has started a chicken farm and plans on expanding it. She is now able to buy chicken food, cater to her children’s school fees and ensure her homestead needs. She is now planning to buy a cow in the coming months.


Esther is a widow, who has been weaving baskets for Mifuko for a year and a half. She belongs to the Mwanzo Mpya Group, which is number 16 of the Mifuko groups. She weaves the baskets at around noon or later at night, after finishing her homestead chores. With the money earned from her crafts, she buys her daily essentials such as food, clothing and other homestead needs. With her exrta income from Mifuko, she pays for the  requirements for her childs education, who is in university. Esther plans to open up a kiosk in the future, as her part time business.


Catherine is 29 years old and has two children. In her free time she loves spending time with her family just to relax. Her favorite color is red and loves how lively it is. Other than in weaving she is talented in hairdressing-plaiting braids and small cornrows. Her role model is a local Kenyan music artiste named Peace Mulu, who sings gospel music. Catherine knows her special skill is generosity and her friends agree. Her family and friends admire her humble and kind hearted nature. Working at Mifuko has taught her responsibility as a useful skill.


Esther happens to be the oldest basket weaver in her group. She is 74 years old and she has 6 children. She enjoys doing little chores like sweeping her homestead to relax. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves it because of its royal and attractive color. Her favorite meal is chapatti, rice, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. Esther’s role model is actually one of her daughters. She is a teacher in a local secondary school and her name is Jacinta Mwongeli. Esther's best personal quality is love. Her family and friends love her caring and wise nature and character.


Mary is 55-years-old and has nine children. To relax she spends time with her family, and on her hobby learning about finance. She has been giving small loans out to her friends from the income earned from weaving, and thus getting an interest. Her favourite color is blue, and she loves eating ugali and cabbage or kales.  Her role model from her village is a headteacher who teaches at a high school called Syeluni Secondary School. Mary has a special skill in farming and considers it to be her personal strength. People around her admire her hardworking spirit and brilliant farm.


Agnes is 60-years-old and she has seven children. To relax she tends to her homestead and spends time with her husband. Her hobbies include bible studying and farming, and her favourite meal is white rice and spinach. She looks up to her husband, who encourages her to work hard. Her husband Jackson Mutuku, is a builder of houses other structures in their local village. Agnes is known to have hoards of cattle, and has a special skill for farming. People in her village know she is hardworking and they admire the love she has for her farm. 



Catherine is 31-years-old and has two children. She enjoys singing in her free time to relax, and tends to her farm of French beans, kale and spinach. Her favorite color is Blue and all its different shades. She has a talent and passion for farming, and has found ways to irrigate her crops despite the harsh weather conditions in her village. She looks up to a woman named Mary Martin, who is a business lady in her local area. Catherine is very responsible, and her friends and family love her for her kindness.


Winfred is known as Winnie in her local village. She is 33 years old, and she has four children. Her hobby is cooking, and she enjoys spending time with her children. She helps them with their schoolwork as she relaxes. She is a talented singer, and she sings in her local church choir. Winfred's favorite colors are sky blue and black. She considers a business woman in her village called Monica Tom to be her role model. Her favorite meal is Chapatti and stew, and her special skill is weaving. Winfred is known to produce the best baskets, since she’s been weaving for a long period of time.


Felister is a mother of five children and is 48 years old. During her free time she enjoys making clothes for her children to sharpen her skills and relax. She is a talented singer, and sings in her local church choir. Her favorite colors are green and yellow. She also looks up to a tailor in her village named Rhoda Mathuku, who is known for her tailoring skills. She tells us her favorite meal is Githeri, which is a mixture of fried beans and maize. Felister is known to be very generous and acknowledges it as her special skill.


Dorcas is a widow in the small village of Mavindu. She is 50 years old and has five children. During her free time she likes reading the Bible and singing to relax after along day. She is a very talented tailor and handcrafts small seat covers for her household and friends. Her favorite color is sky blue. She says it brings her joy, and loves it's bright colour. Her role model is a teacher from her village named Mr.Gangi. As her favourite meal, she loves ugali and stew. Dorcas says her best quality is being a mediator for people with quarrels or chaos in the village.