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Mifuko team

Mifuko was founded in 2009 by two Finnish designers, Mari Martikainen (on the left) and Minna Impiö. Both Mari and Minna have studied Textile Art and Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and both have a Master of Arts degree. Minna and Mari have wide experience of work on different fields of design.

At the time when Mifuko was founded, Minna lived in Kenya with her family. Together with Mari she developed the idea of a design company operating between Finland and Kenya - and so Mifuko´s story begun. First Mifuko products were jewellery, Maasai style sandals and bags. Very soon wooden birds and Kiondo baskets were added to the collection. Minna and Mari meet the artisans in Kenya regularly a couple of times a year. To them work at Mifuko means creative and fun co-operation between different countries and cultures.