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Mifuko artisans

Cecilia, Nicodemus, Benjamin and David

Cecilia, Nicodemus, Benjamin and David are the makers of Mifuko´s little wooden birds. They carve and paint our owls, bullfinches and many other African and Nordic birds in their own workshop. They have learned the carpenter´s profession from Nicodemus´s parents. Cecilia and Nicodemus are a couple with four kids. They enjoy their work as private entrepreneurs, happily making a living for their family. They can educate their children and take care of Nicodemus´s mother.

Mama Mwangi

Mama Mwangi, Mary, is a strong woman. She is chairwoman of a women´s self help group making Mifuko soft toys. Mary is a natural born leader and her group employs over a hundred women in the village of Karinde, near Nairobi. Mary has three children, already adults, whom she raised as a single parent.



Lydia is chairwoman of a women´s group making Mifuko Kiondos. She is a cheerful person always full of energy, and she has excellent organizing skills. Lydia says that Making Kiondo baskets for Mifuko has provided her secure income to cover expenses and buy necessities for everyday life and most importantly, to educate her children.


Mama Kasee

Mama Kasee, on the right, is a master basket maker and a very determined woman with a strong will and a rippling laughter. She leads a self help group of 40 women in a Machakos county village. Every member of the self help group puts part of their salary in a shared fund, from which any group member can request a loan when in need. Loans with a small interest are granted for example to cover health expenses or children´s school fees.

Milcah Muthoko Mbwele

- Group: Ng'unduni Group

- Born in 1969

- Family: Nine children

Josephine Mumbi Kile

- Group: Uuo Wa Aka

- Born in 1960

- Family: Four children

Florence Mwanza

- Group: Mumo wa Manyala

- Born in 1980

- Family: Two children

Eunice Kathio

- Group:  Faith Group

- Born in 1970

- Family: Five children

Veronica Wayua

- Group: Mutini Group

- Born in 1975

- Family: Eight children

Rose Mwikali

- Group: Faith Group

- Born in 1953

- Family: Six children

Faith Mutindi

- Group: Ngunduni Group

- Born in 1986

- Family: Six children

Jacinta Nzyoka

- Group: Muthini Group

- Born in 1978

- Family: Four children

Rose Nzilani Muthoka

- Group: Kanini Kaseo

- Born in 1969

- Family: Three children

Dorothy Mulewa Munyao

- Group: Mumo Kithuluni

- Born in 1966

- Family: Seven children

Esther Nyiva Mutinda

- Group: Mwanzo Mpya 

- Born in 1976

- Family: Five children

Catherine Mutinda

- Group: Mumo Wa Manyala Group

- Born in 1989

- Family: Two children

Esther Mutile Kamami

- Group: Kanini kaseo Group

- Born in 1944

- Family: Six children

Mary Simon Katumo

- Group: Vonde Group

- Born in 1963

- Family: Nine children

Agnes Mutuku

- Group: Arise and Shine Group

- Born in 1958

- Family: Seven children

Catherine Mumbi

- Group: Ng'unduni Group

- Born in 1987

- Family: Two children