Phillis is a widow, but enthusiastic about the future despite her illness. Before she fell ill, she used to do full-time farming but now due to her illness she weaves baskets for a living.


Phillis has been member of Mifuko's Kingongi women’s group since 2011. Philles has learned a lot about the farming of crops and animals from her chairlady Jane Mutala.


Mueni is one of the most popular basket weavers in her village. If you ask for someone a good weaver, you will be directed to Mueni.


Lucia has been a farmer all her life. Most of the time she plants cow peas, maize and beans and since she has owned a small grocery shop, she has sold part of the harvests in her shop


Lucia is a skilled hairdresser who plaits most of the women’s hair in her village. Currently she doesn’t have a salon, so she mostly does the ladies hair at home.


Joyce used to wave ropes and sell them in marketplace together with vegetables what she plants in her garden.


Josephine is known in Manyala village as owner of one of the best shops in village and a businesswoman. She is recognized for her joyful personality.


Jane is known as a songbird in her village, she sings in the local church choir. Besides that she is a farmer of oranges, mangoes and vegetables.

Jane Mutala

Jane is known in the Kalawani village as a one of the best poultry farmers and the starter of one of the Mifuko's largest women weaving group with 116 members.


Hellena is a farmer of cow peas, vegetables and fruits. She lives in Kalawani village where she is currently building a house.


Carol has a small poultry farm where she rears chicken and eggs for sell. She plans on expanding the farm and building a small house to chicken.


Weaving has always been Beatrice full-time-job. Before she joined in Kingongi women’s group in 2010, she sells her traditional baskets in the marketplace.


Currently Joyce renovating her house. She tells us that the savings from her earnings have change her lifestyle and her home.


As an environmentalist Jacinta collects scrap metal around her village and sells them to small companies which collect metal for re-use and for manufacturing purposes.


Judith is a full time basket weaver in Nzeeni women’s group, but in the future she desires to open a clothes boutique, mainly for women’s and children’s clothes.