Jane is one of the youngest basket weavers of Nzeeni women’s. Thanks to Mifuko’s salary, Jane is able to run a small shop of seats.


Syombua is one of the grocery women in Kalawani market. She sells mostly vegetables like Sukuma, wiki, spinach and cabbages.


As a farmer of maize, beans and cow peas, Serah was not earning enough to cater for most of the basic needs in her family so ten years ago she decided to start weaving baskets.


Whenever you ask for the best vegetables like kales, spinach and tomatoes in Manyala village, you will be directed to Janet.


Teresia is known not only for her cheerful in her home church but also as a good singer and dancer. She does small farming of vegetables and keeping chickens.


Several years ago Lucia was diagnosed with diabetes. She was stressed about hospital bills because only source of incomes was a small scale farming.


As the breadwinner of her family Joyce starts her day early. She prepares breakfast for her family, cleans her homestead and goes out to find sisal to knit and weave ropes for sell in the market.


Earlier, Peninah sold her weaving ropes at the marketplace. In 2018, she saw women in her village weaving basket and became interested in that craft.


Janet is a small-scale farmer of vegetables and cereals like maize and beans. In the year 2017 she became interested in weaving baskets and joined to Muuo wa Kitoo women’s group where she learned how to wave.


Before get interested in weaving baskets, Alice weaved ropes for sale at the market. She admired how women in her village weaved baskets and she approached the chairlady of a group called Wendano wa Muthesya.


Susan is a farm of goats, chickens and a cow, she also farms vegetables and cereals. She starts her day early in the mornings by cleaning her household, sweeping her campground and letting her livestock out to find feeds.


Sabeth is a self-taught weaver. She got the interest in craft after seeing some women weaving in the same marketplace where she sold her farm products like cow’s milk.


Mirriam is a businesswoman, she owns a small shop in her village. And also because she has been weaving basket for Mifuko since 2013 in her group which is called Kithitu women’s group.


Mifuko artisans - Rose

Rose is a talented singer and sings in her local choir as her main hobby. During her free time she cleans up her