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thin stripes black & white with handles

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Storage. Kiondo baskets are perfect for storage; toys, clothes, hats and magazines fit neatly in the baskets, but they work also as elegant fashion accessories. They are beautifully designed, extremely durable and easy to keep clean, and aren’t afraid of little water either.

Work of hands and hearts. The baskets are handmade in Kenya, by women self-help groups in rural villages. Traditional skill is passed on to the younger generation. With the income the women can invest in their farms, ensure their children’s education and plan for the future. Mifuko is a certified member of World Fair Trade Organization and all products are produced following the principles of Fair Trade.

Every Kiondo basket is signed by the woman who has made it, this way every basket carries the story of its maker.

Materials: upcycled food grade plastic, sisal and leather

Photos: Uupi Tirronen


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