Social impact

What does WORK OF HANDS AND HEARTS truly mean?

All Mifuko´s products are handmade in Kenya by our artisans in women’s self-help groups. While workshops offer artisans a regular income, good working conditions and further education we also make sure that artisans get needed knowledge. 

Mifuko’s supply chain is completely transparent. You know who makes our products and in what conditions they work. Mifuko makes sure that the working conditions of the artisans meet all fair-trade standards.

   Our social impact:

  • Mifuko maintains long-term relationships with women´s self-help groups and other partner workshops.
  • Mifuko products are handmade in Kenya.
  • Mifuko´s supply chain is completely transparent.
  • Mifukos products are environmentally sustainable. 
  • Mifuko provides 50% advance payments to producers on orders and the other 50% is paid when the products are finished.
  • In the design process Mifuko works together with the artisans taking into account their skills and capacity.