Palm natural handmade basket | XS-S

These beautifully shaped and patterned Turkana palm baskets keep your knick-knacks safe and out of sight. Baskets come with a lid and are available in two sizes XS and S. 

XS - height 17 cm, length 21 cm, width 14 cm / S - height 19 cm, length 29 cm, width 22 cm

39,00 €(VAT 24 %)

Turkana baskets and bags

Work of hands and hearts. Mifuko’s Turkana Collection combines contemporary Finnish design with traditional Kenyan handicraft techniques. These one-of-a-kind baskets are handwoven of palm leaves by Kenyan female artisans. Maintaining traditional skills provide income and security while they are passed on to the younger generation. Mifuko is a certified member of the World Fair Trade
Organization and all production follows fair trade principles. Our company supports women´s empowerment groups in Kenya’s rural
villages. By purchasing a Mifuko product, you become an essential part of this story. Mifuko’s Turkana collection products are handmade in Turkana region, where weaving from palm leaves is traditional handcraft, production is environmentally sustainable. Area is hot and dry, bordering beautiful lake Turkana. Each Mifuko product is handmade and small variation in size and design is part of the product making it unique piece.

Please note that all of our products are handmade, so size and shape may vary slightly.

Every Kiondo basket is signed by the woman who has made it, this way every basket carries the story of its maker